Building a Website – Start Affiliate Marketing Today II

In this article we are going to examine building a website. There are many ways to do this: write your own code, use any of hundreds of proprietary site building softwares, hire it done. I am going to discuss the most common solution, it is also the easiest.

I am talking about WordPress. If you would like more information on WP in general I recommend that you read the overview on Wikipedia. Do it later… Right now, let’s get your site up and running.

You will choose the way your site looks with themes, and set how it does things with plugins. Don’t worry about all of the terms and techno-babble, you will pick up what you need as we progress. This is the reason you should use WordPress, it is easily done by anyone with basic computer skills.

Here are the basic expenses:

Number 1Domain Name – approximately $14 per year. Always deals here, stay with GoDaddy if your are new, You can also usually get a domain name from your hosting provider, but GoDaddy is easier to find new names and is helpful in the process.

Number 2Hosting – approximately $5 per month (only use cPanel based hosting, again the most common). There are many options out there for hosting, there’s cheap and there’s cheap, if you know what I mean. Shop around. Two great options (I host sites with both): HostGator and KVC

HostGator - Penny Hosting To Build A Website

Number 3That’s it… really that’s all you need to get started in building a website. That’s the beauty of WordPress based sites. You will find hundreds if not thousands of themes and plug ins for sale, but there are so very many that are free, and very effective. You do not have to spend more money here. I will be covering useful plugins later so stay in touch.

The actual steps involved in building a website will be as follows:

  • Have your content ready in folders you can easily find. If you are new to this I would suggest making a folder on your desktop with your domain name as the folder name. Inside that folder make three other folders: Images, Articles, Links
    • Images obviously will contain the visual elements you want on your site. Stay with .jpg , .jpeg , .gif , and .png  file types.
    • Articles will have the text you wish to have on site. Have a minimum of three good articles ready, five is better, and ten would be best!
    • Links in this you will keep the links and codes you wind up with, advertising banners, autoresponder forms, Google Adsense, FaceBook… etc. Don’t be concerned about the sound of that, you will be glad to have everything concerning your site in one location, and you will know the reason for what things you file here.
  • Now let’s put the domain name and hosting together and get our site up. Once your hosting is set up, Log into your cPanel.


It will look something like this.

  • After logging in you will be at your main control panel.  Scroll to the bottom until you find Softaculus Apps Installer then find and click the little WordPress icon –

WordPress logo

  • You will find yourself here, just click the install now button in the lower right part of the screen.

WordPress Install

  • You will be taken to a screen to put in the basic set up and naming for your site. It will look something like the following:

WordPress Install

The most important thing here is to consider when building a website here is what directory you want your blog to be in. For instance, if you wish your blog to be on the main directory you would leave the “in directory” field empty. So your blog would show up in “”.

Use this option for now and we will cover other options later.

Under Site Settings put in the site name and a short description using keywords if possible. If unsure about keywords do not let that slow you down. This can be changed later and SEO (search engine optimization) will be covered in following articles.

Softaculous WP Site Name and AdminIn the Admin Account put in your username and password – do better than “admin” for the user name and keep in mind that the better the password the better the security. Remember, this will be your log in information for the site so write it down.

You will also want to put in an email address using the username you decided on.  You will have to set up this email address through your c-panel and don’t forget to check it regularly!

Now pick a theme as shown in the photo below, you can change it later!

Softaculous WP Install Finish

Now scroll down and click the final Install button and you are done!

An installation confirmation window will show up next to verify your new site and it is time to log in and start affiliate marketing!

Softaculous WP Install Confirmation

Hope this is helpful. Keep in mind, different browsers can show things differently and you may find a different path to install WordPress on your particular c-panel. Read your screen carefully and you will find it actually is click through easy to build a website.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section.

So Let’s Start Affiliate Marketing Today

Let me just say before we start – you can do this. It may seem confusing if you are totally new to online marketing, but that is just because it is new.

There are three simple strategies you need to focus on.

  1. Find affiliate products.

  2. Send targeted traffic.

  3. Make affiliate cash on the run.

List Building Silver Bullit

Let’s break it down a little further.

Step #1: Choosing a profitable niche.

People bog down on this being the first step. Do not let this be a stumbling block. All it means is you need to narrow your focus so that when you start on the following steps you have an actionable direction. By way of example – this blog in in the online marketing niche > digital products > affiliate marketing > how to be an affiliate marketer.

It could be anything, online marketing > digital products > pets > dogs > dog training  –  This now gives you some idea on how to proceed with the next step.

  • Considerations:
    1. Do a little checking to make sure it is a profitable niche.
    2. Going with a niche you have a real interest in always makes things easier, just make sure the first consideration holds. Snail breeding may be a passion of yours, it may be somewhat difficult to make money from it however.
    3. Don’t let this slow you down. Don’t feel you know enough to determine this? Fine, pick online marketing – always money there, and you can follow along easier and let’s get you to making money with affiliate products.

Step #2: Website set-up.

Don’t skip this. Yes, you can market online without one, but you need to be better at marketing in general. Having your own online real estate will make things so much easier. Even a free Blogger blog or free WordPress blog is better than nothing, but be careful to stay within the rules.

Power Tip: Use the Blogger platform and concentrate on good content….Google loves their own blogs!

Still, if you can, get your own domain name and hosting to start. Then there are no rules, and this will make so many things easier. As in having a place to host your advertising images, that’s just one example by the way.

As a great low cost hosting solution, c-panel based (which you very much want), with great support try HostGatorthat link will get you a 1 penny first month.

You will also be able to get your domain name there. Or you can get the domain name at GoDaddy, the giant in the industry and they make the domain search process much easier. You can also get professional hosting there.

You must get an autoresponder. The solutions for this are legion so I am going to suggest two possibilities that I use. The first is a total package that can be a primary business for you – get autoresponder, hosting, domain in one fell swoop and have a total business to promote that has full support and marketing training/tools, GVO. The second is a low cost solution: European Safelist – take the Pro upgrade and you will have an easy to use autoresponder for around 10 bucks a month.

Step #3: Choosing the right affiliate products.

This is easier than you might think. Go to the big dog in affiliate marketing marketplaces: Clickbank.comLook for what they call high gravity products within your chosen niche.

Step #4: Follow-up messages

This will be the messages you load into your autoresponder to help automate the marketing process to those folks that have signed up to your burgeoning list! Way to much information to cover effectively cover in a short blog post – Here is a very low cost tutorial that will more than get you started with your list building efforts: List Building Fire

Step #5: Drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

Another topic too complex to describe in a sound bite. Here’s a free 3 volume set that will give you an excellent grounding in what you need to do in order to get eyes on your offers/squeeze pages:

Step #6: Sell affiliate products.

And start making online income – you will if do the work.

Step #7: Build a relationship with your audience.

This is the way you keep people interested in your offers that have opted in to you mailing list. This is very important to your long term success.

I will flesh out this topic more in future posts

Affiliate Marketing will work for you if you do the work! This is the lowest cost way to start your own business and can easily give you the means to an independent income online. Good luck and leave any questions you have in the comment section. I will respond!

Start Affiliate Marketing The Right Way


Affiliate marketing being one of the easiest methods to enhance an existing brick and mortar business or begin your own web based business, it will still require the diligence and attention any other work would require. On the plus side, low entry costs and no product handling make it a hands down winner for anyone wishing to start a business of their own.

Keep in mind though, it is a job like any other. Albeit one of the easiest methods of earning additional income, it still requires effort, perseverance, and a clear plan of action from your starting point up to the finish line.

Keys to successfull affiliate marketingYou might want to consider these things when starting in affiliate marketing:


    • Get yourself a comfortable place to work. This will help motivate you, which you will see reflected in productivity and profits.


    • Start setting aside some of the time you use to work for training. There are things you will need to learn and the sooner you do the sooner you will be in profit. Watch some videos on list building, read a PDF on traffic generations, find out how to put social media to work for you. There is a lot of good free training out there, In fact, there will be more and more available here on this blog site. If you have a little kitty to kick start your business, there are some great paid learning sources. Two I highly recommend would be Affiliorama, An A to Z course of excellent quality. And, lower cost, RealGuys NCIS – No Cost Income Stream – a great place to start if you are on a very limited budget.


  • Set goals, $1,000 a month is easily attainable even if you are a first time affiliate marketer. Plan out steps to achieve those goals. Then do the work daily that will help you accomplish those goals.

Pick Your Fight Then Stay With It

There are many, many, many affiliate programs out there. A little forethought will go a long way, especially when starting out.Choose one with reputation, great selection of products, and carved in stone payment policies. That way you will be able to concentrate on your end of the business, which will be to get people to take a look at the offer – drive traffic.

Begin building your own list of email subscribers from the start. It is easy to do once you know the steps, and it will not be long before you see the reasons for it in your pocketbook. We will cover all those steps in other articles.