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Welcome! Start Affiliate Marketing is a place on the web where anyone can find the knowledge, skills, and resources to learn affiliate marketing to become successful in building an income generating business on the web. Whether you are looking to generate extra cash to pad your existing income, pay off unexpected expenses, or wish to earn a full time income; affiliate marketing is the easiest method to get started making money online.

My goals for this site are simple:

  • Provide concise, complete guidance and direction for anyone willing to learn the methods and strategies so that they might start affiliate marketing successfully.

  • Provide advise and access to the tools needed for the work to be done.

  • Offer tutorials, both video and e-book that I have personally vetted as worth the time to use.

  • Offer reviews of affiliate marketing products and services – rarely will you see me talk of anything which I have not personally used or am using in my own business.

  • Chronicle my own path to success through affiliate marketing.


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The hyperbole, over the top claims, and even outright falsehoods really get on my nerves. So, I would like to state clearly here that while there is no doubt that you can generate more money online per hour than nearly any other employment; there is equally no doubt that you won’t make a dime if you don’t do the work.

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And work it is. Much like any other work, if you don’t show up – you won’t get paid. There is no magic button on the computer to generate cash, but you can make cash easily and very nearly constantly by learning the methods and doing the work.

I hope you will enjoy the resources here, check out the site – lots of good info there, and keep in mind this is an active blog. I am building this from the ground up so be patient with me and please send me any questions you have or things you would like information on.

– Art

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