Autoresponder Tips

Autoresponder Tips

Autoresponder Tips

Here are five key best practices for autoresponders that should be practiced:

1. Always Include the Autoresponder Name in the Subject Line

Because you are sending multiple emails spaced out over multiple days, you always want to include the name of the auto responder program that your subscriber signed up for in the subject line so that they recognize you in the inbox.



2. Be Sure to Have Subscribers White List You

 Because autoresponders run a higher risk of unsubscribe requests and spam complaints, be sure to ask users to add you to their contact list or address book in the first welcome email that they receive to help negate the chances that you will end up in their spam or junk folder.



3. Do Not Overdo Offers

While the ultimate goal of your autoresponder program is to generate sales or revenue, too many offers can result in subscribers fleeing from your list early in the autoresponder sequence. Present offers contextually and don’t create auto responders that look and feel like repeated direct sales emails.



4. Make Links Clear and Visible & Use Text Links

Make sure that all links to your product purchasing pages are clear and visible. When possible, default to blue, underlined links for easy user recognition. In web design, it is often inadvisable to use the words “click here” in a link. In email design, it typically is more effective to use the words “click here.” Your links will be text links and not image-based links as images may not appear in all emails.



5. Use Personalization Fields

While always important in email marketing, because this will allow you more versatility and personal. Be sure to use the features of your email marketing program, such as those at Aweber, that allow you to personalize fields within your auto responder email with the subscriber’s first name, handle, user name or other submitted information.

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