Start Affiliate Marketing The Right Way


Affiliate marketing being one of the easiest methods to enhance an existing brick and mortar business or begin your own web based business, it will still require the diligence and attention any other work would require. On the plus side, low entry costs and no product handling make it a hands down winner for anyone wishing to start a business of their own.

Keep in mind though, it is a job like any other. Albeit one of the easiest methods of earning additional income, it still requires effort, perseverance, and a clear plan of action from your starting point up to the finish line.

Keys to successfull affiliate marketingYou might want to consider these things when starting in affiliate marketing:


    • Get yourself a comfortable place to work. This will help motivate you, which you will see reflected in productivity and profits.


    • Start setting aside some of the time you use to work for training. There are things you will need to learn and the sooner you do the sooner you will be in profit. Watch some videos on list building, read a PDF on traffic generations, find out how to put social media to work for you. There is a lot of good free training out there, In fact, there will be more and more available here on this blog site. If you have a little kitty to kick start your business, there are some great paid learning sources. Two I highly recommend would be Affiliorama, An A to Z course of excellent quality. And, lower cost, RealGuys NCIS – No Cost Income Stream – a great place to start if you are on a very limited budget.


  • Set goals, $1,000 a month is easily attainable even if you are a first time affiliate marketer. Plan out steps to achieve those goals. Then do the work daily that will help you accomplish those goals.

Pick Your Fight Then Stay With It

There are many, many, many affiliate programs out there. A little forethought will go a long way, especially when starting out.Choose one with reputation, great selection of products, and carved in stone payment policies. That way you will be able to concentrate on your end of the business, which will be to get people to take a look at the offer – drive traffic.

Begin building your own list of email subscribers from the start. It is easy to do once you know the steps, and it will not be long before you see the reasons for it in your pocketbook. We will cover all those steps in other articles.

Getting Distracted

Key of successfull affiliate marketingThere is nothing to keep you from making your start in affiliate marketing. It is not difficult if you know enough to browse the internet and use a computer. Getting started is simpler than for nearly any other home business, but it should be treated as a business and you should be dedicated to making it a successful venture. You can start affiliate marketing on a shoestring budget. You need to devise a plan and follow on until the desired results are achieved. Do not change course in the middle due to distractions you will find in any internet business.

The internet is full of shiny objects that can distract you from sticking to one plan until results are achieved. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of advertising and jump from program to program, launch to launch, etc., but this will absolutely kill your progress especially if you are starting on a budget. Why? Because your time and marketing ability will be diluted with too many things you are trying to promote. And time is what you are trading for money when building on a budget.

Another huge distraction is information overload. This is common on the net and most people get overwhelmed because of this. Look, I applaud any and all continuing efforts to learn more about all aspects of internet marketing. But you don’t have to know it all to get started. Follow a plan, stick to it consistently, set aside time for working and time for learning… and you will build a sustainable home business.

There are many techniques to start affiliate marketing in a successful fashion. The most effective way is to find a method that is working and stick with it until good results are achieved. Once you begin seeing positive results, you can scale it up to the next level. Stick with me here, I’ll be covering most of these techniques and I will provide you with concrete plans or methods to achieve success.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make extra money working for 2-3 hours a day, from home or coffeeshop. But you will have to do the work and avoid the distractions, it is not a get rich quickly scheme that many would have you believe. Decide what your goal is for the week. Decide…. and then work to make it happen every day, it will.